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Astronaut Musgrave Claims to Have Seen Extraterrestrials in Earth’s Orbit

The astronaut Musgrave was unable to explain the huge disk-shaped object he spotted from the window of the Columbia Space Shuttle.

Kap Dwa: The 3 Meters-High and Two-Headed Giant

Stories about giants have existed since immemorial times, but we have rarely heard about a two-headed giant, and it is possible that there was one: Kap Dwa.

UFOs Described in Columbus’ Journal

One of the first reports on UFOs was reportedly recorded by the Genoese navigator Christopher Columbus in his logbook.

The Mysteries of the Devil’s Tower

Tourists and locals constantly report strange lights in the sky just above the enigmatic rock formation.

Extraterrestrial Contacts with Native Americans

Several Native American cultures recall a time when the "People of the Stars" interacted freely with members of the human species.

The Stone Warriors of the Inca God Viracocha

An ancient Andean legend recounts an incredible battle where the Incas, in smaller numbers, invoke the god Viracocha, who responds to their appeals by turning stones into warriors.

Phobos 2: The Russian Probe That Sent UFO Images on Mars

The Phobos Program was a soviet union project to study the planet Mars and its two moons, but what has been found remains a mystery to this day.

The Mysterious Cube of Orion

A former U.S. military official details information about extraterrestrials, time machines and the Orion Cube, an alien device capable of showing events that will occur in the future.

UFOs Sighted in the Middle Ages

The UFO phenomenon is not a recent subject, there are numerous reports of apparitions during Medieval times.

The UFOs of Chernobyl

During the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, several UFOs were spotted flying over the area and preventing an even greater disaster.