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The enigmatic Dendera Light

The discovery started a theory defending that in Ancient Egypt some type of electricity was already used.

Wedge of Aiud: The Mysterious 250,000-Year-Old Aluminum Piece

The mysterious piece of aluminum dated 250,000 years ago could be proof that aliens visited Earth in the distant past.

The Mysterious Structures Hidden Under the Sahara Desert

Satellite images have revealed mysterious structures hidden beneath the sands of the Sahara desert that appear to be pyramids from an antediluvian period.

Could Stargates Exist on Earth and in Space?

Even NASA has admitted that the idea of Stargates is a reality they have been studying for some time.

The Mysterious 7,000 Year Old Vinca Figurines

Researchers believe they could be representations of extraterrestrial beings that visited humanity in the past.

Interview with Giorgio Tsoukalos, the “Aliens Guy”

The presenter of Ancient Aliens, one of the most successful series on the History Channel, tells everything and a little bit more about extraterrestrials.

Dead Sea Scrolls Depict Noah’s Ark as a Pyramid

According to recent translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah's Ark is described in the form of a Pyramid.

Unknown Metal Implants Found in the Nazca Mummies

The Nazca mummies continue to reveal their secrets as scientists carry out new tests, and what they discover could change all of history.

Could UFOs Be Biological Entities?

There are many questions surrounding the mystery of the UFO phenomenon, and so far, the origin or intentions of these strange visitors that fly over our planet are unknown. Theories of advanced extraterrestrial races or...

The Mysterious Colgante Disk

The enigmatic artifact appears to represent the Milky Way or another spiral galaxy.