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The Coral Castle Built with Pyramid Technology

The enigmatic Coral Castle was built by a man who cut, extracted and single-handedly fixed more than 1100 Tons of huge stones.

Ningen: The Mermaids of Japan

Ningen is a humanoid aquatic creature that inhabits the depths of the icy seas.

The Tunnel Network Below the Giza Plateau

A vast network of tunnels, chambers, caves and mazes may be hidden beneath the Pyramids of Egypt.

Pharaoh Akhenaten May Be an Extraterrestrial Hybrid According to New DNA Tests

According to a new genetic analysis, a technological advanced civilization subjected a lineage of Egyptian pharaohs to intentional genetic manipulation.

The Mysterious Phaistos Disc

The Phaistos Disc, with its indecipherable symbols, is at the Heraklion Museum.

The Lost Civilization of Lemuria

According to countless ancient legends and texts, Lemuria was a huge land mass that had summing from India to Australia and disappeared in the distant past.

Chitauri: The Reptilian Gods of Africa

According to ancient Zulu traditions, the Chitauri were reptilians extraterrestrials beings who had contact with humanity in the past.

The Secrets of Lake Titicaca

On the Bolivian plateau, at 4,000 meters high and almost on the shores of Lake Titicaca, lies the ruins of what remains one of the greatest enigmas in universal history, the Tiahuanaco Culture.

What is the True Age of the Giza Sphinx?

Although we know a lot about the history of the ancient Egyptians, the mystery of the Sphinx has not yet been completely unraveled.

Tuatha Dé Danann: The Anunnaki of Ireland

The mythology of Ireland's ancient pre-Celtic culture tells the story of a race of kings who "descended from the skies" bringing knowledge and treasures.
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