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What Was the Manna Machine?

Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that the Manna Machine was an alien technology that provided food for the Israelites during the Exodus.

The Mysterious Pre-Columbian Golden Plane

The intriguing artifacts have become one of the great icons of Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Bep-kororoti: The Ancient Astronaut of the Amazon

Bep-kororoti is believed to be an ancient astronaut who landed in the Amazon Rainforest teaching knowledge to the natives.

The Intriguing 150,000-Year-Old Pipes Found in a Chinese Lake

Strange iron pipes dating back an incredible 150,000 years have been found in China.

The Strange Reptilian Figurines of Ancient Sumer

The idea of reptilian humanoid beings sharing this planet with us is not new, and now archaeological excavations are showing that an ancient reptilian race may indeed have existed.

The Mysterious Foo Fighters of WWII

Toward the end of World War II, several US pilots reported sightings of the UFOs that were called Foo Fighters.

The “Alien Face” Found in Antarctica

Is it possible that Antarctica contains artificial structures built in ancient times?

Nazca Lines: The Giant Geoglyphs of the Peruvian Desert

The perfect geometric patterns across the Peruvian desert have inspired countless theories over the years, from rituals for the gods to alien landing strips.

The Mysterious 12,000 Year Old Dropa Stones

In an almost inaccessible mountainous region on the borders of China and Tibet, a remarkable discovery was made that still intrigues scientists today.

Danigala: The Sri Lanka’s “Alien Mountain”

A mysterious ancient 'astronomical code' has been discovered in the mountains of Sri Lanka.