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Ancient UFO Records

Although millions of people around the world are convinced that humanity has been visited by non-Earth beings, the evidence remains unconvincing for skeptics.

The Badlands Guardian

Canada is a large country with many incredible natural sights and a geological marvel that appears to represent an Indian head in profile that became known as The Badlands Guardian.

Nuclear Cataclysm on Mars?

Could Mars have been destroyed by a nuclear cataclysm? According to physicist John Brandenburg, yes.

Vimanas: the aircraft of the gods

The famous Indian epic poem, Mahabharata, dating from 4000 BC, tells of the fantastic flying machines used by the gods.

Disc of Sabu: Sophisticated Technology in Ancient Egypt

This peculiar object, created 5,000 years ago, appears to be a component of an ancient, yet unknown, advanced mechanism.

The enigmatic Dendera Light

The discovery started a theory defending that in Ancient Egypt some type of electricity was already used.

Wedge of Aiud: The Mysterious 250,000-Year-Old Aluminum Piece

The mysterious piece of aluminum dated 250,000 years ago could be proof that aliens visited Earth in the distant past.

The Mysterious Structures Hidden Under the Sahara Desert

Satellite images have revealed mysterious structures hidden beneath the sands of the Sahara desert that appear to be pyramids from an antediluvian period.

Could Stargates Exist on Earth and in Space?

Even NASA has admitted that the idea of Stargates is a reality they have been studying for some time.

The Mysterious 7,000 Year Old Vinca Figurines

Researchers believe they could be representations of extraterrestrial beings that visited humanity in the past.

Other Articles

The Mathematics Encoded in the Great Pyramid

The mysteries about the origin of the pyramids lead many to believe that the builders of these magnificent structures were capable of such an advanced level of engineering that they coded in it the universal mathematical principles.

The UFO of Nazca

This strange Flying Saucer-shaped rock was found in Peru's Nazca Desert in 1960, and its surface is filled with carved symbols similar to those in the Nazca Lines.

The UFOs of Chernobyl

During the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, several UFOs were spotted flying over the area and preventing an even greater disaster.

Vimanas: the aircraft of the gods

The famous Indian epic poem, Mahabharata, dating from 4000 BC, tells of the fantastic flying machines used by the gods.

The Stone Warriors of the Inca God Viracocha

An ancient Andean legend recounts an incredible battle where the Incas, in smaller numbers, invoke the god Viracocha, who responds to their appeals by turning stones into warriors.

Were the Mayans Visited by Ancient Astronauts?

Were the Maya Gods who brought their advanced knowledge to ancient civilizations really Gods or were they Ancient Aliens?

The Lake Michigan Triangle

The Lake Michigan Triangle is a site of several mysterious events such as disappearances of ships and planes, dimensional portals, ghost ships and even UFO sightings.

The Tunnel Network Below the Giza Plateau

A vast network of tunnels, chambers, caves and mazes may be hidden beneath the Pyramids of Egypt.