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The mysterious Moon-Eyed People

The Moon-Eyed People are described by Native Americans as pale beings with large blue eyes.

Rongorongo: The mysterious writing of Easter Island

Ancient artifacts containing mysterious engraved symbols have been discovered on Easter Island.

The strange Acámbaro Collection

The intriguing figures appear to represent dinosaurs and humans living together and others show flying saucers and aliens.

The Origin of Human Beings according to Ancient Sumerian Texts

The creation myth of the ancient Sumerians tells how humans were created by the gods descending from the sky.

The ‘Alien Glider’ found in an Egyptian tomb

Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that the Bird of Saqqara would be proof that aliens visited Earth in the past.

Object Discovered at the Ends of the Solar System Points to the Existence of...

Scientists have found evidence that a distant planet in the Solar System may actually exist.

The Mystery of Australia’s Giant Aboriginal Hunter

A helicopter pilot flying over central Australia spotted a giant hunter drawn on the surface of the desert.

Iraqi Minister claims that Sumerians made Interplanetary Travel

The Sumerians would have been the first humans to travel into space 7,000 years ago.

New Moai statues discovered on Easter Island

Recent discoveries on Easter Island are catching the attention of researchers around the world.

Lady of Mali: Africa’s Mysterious Carved Mountain

The gigantic sculpture may be related to an ancient civilization.

Other Articles

The Nuremberg UFO’s Battle of 1561

This is the report of an incredible aerial combat waged in the skies of Germany in 1561.

For Giorgio Tsoukalos, Aliens may already be here

The presenter of Ancient Aliens commented on the recent revelations of the existence of extraterrestrials.

The Mysterious Phaistos Disc

The Phaistos Disc, with its indecipherable symbols, is at the Heraklion Museum.

Vimanas: the aircraft of the gods

The famous Indian epic poem, Mahabharata, dating from 4000 BC, tells of the fantastic flying machines used by the gods.

Could UFOs Be Biological Entities?

There are many questions surrounding the mystery of the UFO phenomenon, and so far, the origin or intentions of these strange visitors that fly...

The Lost World of Agartha

There are countless legends and oral traditions found in many countries that speak of an underground people who have created a kingdom of harmony, joy and spiritual power.

Lady of Mali: Africa’s Mysterious Carved Mountain

The gigantic sculpture may be related to an ancient civilization.

The Legend of the “Flying Shields” of the Hopi Indians

The Hopi tell stories about "Flying Shields" that flew through the sky and were directed by deities in ancient times.