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Interview with Giorgio Tsoukalos, the “Aliens Guy”

The presenter of Ancient Aliens, one of the most successful series on the History Channel, tells everything and a little bit more about extraterrestrials.

Dead Sea Scrolls Depict Noah’s Ark as a Pyramid

According to recent translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah's Ark is described in the form of a Pyramid.

Unknown Metal Implants Found in the Nazca Mummies

The Nazca mummies continue to reveal their secrets as scientists carry out new tests, and what they discover could change all of history.

Could UFOs Be Biological Entities?

There are many questions surrounding the mystery of the UFO phenomenon, and so far, the origin or intentions of these strange visitors that fly over our planet are unknown. Theories of advanced extraterrestrial races or...

The Mysterious Colgante Disk

The enigmatic artifact appears to represent the Milky Way or another spiral galaxy.

Flying Carpet: Fairy Tale or Alien Technology?

The flying carpet is an ancient legendary object used as a means of air transport.

What Was the Manna Machine?

Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that the Manna Machine was an alien technology that provided food for the Israelites during the Exodus.

The Mysterious Pre-Columbian Golden Plane

The intriguing artifacts have become one of the great icons of Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Bep-kororoti: The Ancient Astronaut of the Amazon

Bep-kororoti is believed to be an ancient astronaut who landed in the Amazon Rainforest teaching knowledge to the natives.

The Intriguing 150,000-Year-Old Pipes Found in a Chinese Lake

Strange iron pipes dating back an incredible 150,000 years have been found in China.

Other Articles

Kap Dwa: The 3 Meters-High and Two-Headed Giant

Stories about giants have existed since immemorial times, but we have rarely heard about a two-headed giant, and it is possible that there was one: Kap Dwa.

The Hidden Power of the Pyramids

Some believe that in addition to the architectural significance and power of pyramidal structures, there are energy forces that may be responsible for seemingly unexplained phenomena and effects in the natural world.

The UFOs of Alexander the Great

The first recorded incident about Alexander the Great and UFOs happened in 329 BC.

The Importance of Gold to the Anunnaki

Why would the Anunnaki come to Earth to mine gold?

The Lost World of Agartha

There are countless legends and oral traditions found in many countries that speak of an underground people who have created a kingdom of harmony, joy and spiritual power.

Ancient Chinese Manuscript Reports Encounter with Aliens

Available to the public since 2011, this manuscript describes an encounter with aliens that took place almost 500 years ago in China.

Palermo Stone: The Evidence of Extraterrestrials in Ancient Egypt

The subject is controversial, but it cannot be denied that there are documents such as the Palermo Stone, which could show that our history is not as we know it.

Shigir Idol: A 12,000-year-old Mystery

The Shigir idol is the oldest wooden statue ever found.