According to the scientist, who put his own career at risk with this statement, Mars was destroyed and transformed into the desert we know today by nuclear explosions of great proportions and he still claims that he can scientifically prove what he says.

“The high concentration of Xenon-129 in the atmosphere, evidence of Krypton-80 and the pattern detected in excess uranium and thorium on the surface of Mars, first seen by the Russians and now confirmed by the spectrometer on the Mars Odyssey space probe, means that the surface of Mars was apparently a site of massive radiological events, which created large amounts of isotopes with that signature and covered the surface with a thin layer of radioactive debris enriched in certain elements relative to its subsurface rocks. This phenomenon pattern can be explained due to two large anomalous nuclear explosions in the past of Mars”, says physicist John Brandenburg.


Could the scar on Mars be visible proof of what the scientist says?

Perhaps only after the first expedition to the red planet will we be sure about what really happened and enough knowledge to avoid our own destruction.