One of the biggest reasons for the great popularity of the mysteries of Ancient Egypt is due to the fact that the age of its fascinating monuments can be so distant in history that the explanations of traditional Egyptology seem unsustainable.

While archaeologists have long discussed the construction and grandeur of the Egyptian pyramids, another, perhaps even greater mystery, may have nothing to do with how these structures were designed and worked accurately, but about how they were potentially used as powerful devices to generate energy by naturally harnessing the Earth’s own electricity.


The architects of the monuments of Ancient Egypt were much more intentional in their proportions, measurements, angles and equations than most modern archaeologists attribute to them.

The Great Pyramid of Giza features a shape and place designed to house mathematical constants. This same mathematical theory can be found throughout nature and throughout the universe.

Tesla and Unlimited Energy

Nikola Tesla sought to connect the Earth’s electromagnetic currents to bring unlimited electricity to the world and was in contact with these same mathematical fundamentals. Like the pyramid builders, Tesla realized that the Earth is a huge magnetic generator, rotating around two poles, with the potential to generate virtually unlimited energy.

In 1905, Tesla filed a patent application in the United States titled “The art of transmitting electricity through the natural environment” and devised projects for a series of generators positioned in strategic locations around the world that would collect and redistribute energy from the ionosphere.

Although Tesla may have rediscovered this key to an abundant, clean and eternal source of free electricity, his inventions disappeared after his death in 1943.

The Great Pyramid and the Tesla’s Tower.

Hidden Mathematics

To decipher the hidden code of the ancient pyramids, it may be necessary to examine the mathematical equations encoded in their architecture, and what is most surprising is the sophistication of the mathematical equations used by early architects to build what could be an elaborate electric generator.

Since 2018, a team of scientists from ITMO University in Russia has been studying the Great Pyramid of Giza and its ability to concentrate electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers and under its base.

Author Andrew Collins suggested that the pyramids are related to the idea of “music of the spheres”, a connection between the primordial sound tones of the universe itself and its relationship with the creation of forms and structures in the physical world, is an ancient concept defined by the Greeks that postulates the existence of a divine and mathematical harmony between macrocosm and microcosm.

For Hindus, the “OM” is considered the primordial sound, used in vocalizations, meditations and mantras, it represents the first sound that was issued, the voice of the creator while creating the universe. The Judeo-Christian tradition refers to this primordial sound as the “Word”.

To tune in and increase this connection, the old engineers had to consider certain proportions in the construction of the pyramids, as well as the geometry of the landscape, to accurately reflect the ranges of specific musical tones.

Some modern thinkers like Graham Hancock imply that perhaps the Egyptian mathematical code is the same as tesla used in his quest to find an unlimited source of energy, which harmonized with the Earth’s resonance.

Observing the location of the latitude of the Great Pyramid, Hancock points out that it is situated precisely on the 30th Parallel North, exactly halfway between the equator and the north pole, aligned with the true cardinal directions of the planet, north, south, east, and west.

The number 432 and its multiples 4,320 and 43,200 were well known and important in the Old East and are associated with the sexagesimal numerical system, connecting the proportions of the Great Pyramid to those of Earth and representing the Earth’s Axial Precession, which is the way our planet oscillates around its own axis. This number is divisible by 72, which is the number of years the Earth takes to oscillate 1 degree relative to its axis.

Hancock points out that by multiplying the perimeter of the base of the Great Pyramid (230 meters) by 43,200, we will obtain the Equatorial Circumference of the Earth and multiplyits height (140 meters) by 43,200, we obtain the Polar Ray of the Earth.

These numbers, 72 and 432, can be found in various ancient mythologies and sacred texts, where we can mention that 72 was the number of languages spoken in the tower of Babel, 72 are the names of God in the Jewish Cabal, 72 is the number of temples in Angkor Wat in Cambodia, 72 is the number of degrees of longitude between Angkor Wat and the Great Pyramid , 432,000 is the number of syllables in the Hindu sacred text Rig Veda, and 432 Hz is the harmonic frequency considered the ideal resonance for music.

This suggests that the ancient Egyptians, as well as other ancestral civilizations of Angkor Wat, the Mayas in America, and the builders of similar sites across the planet, may have used a mathematical language that we are only now rediscovering.

Hancock further argues that the very construction of the pyramids, robust enough to resist the actions of time, was done in such a way as to ensure that humanity could always decipher and gain access to these Universe Codes.