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Olmec Civilization: Survivors of Atlantis?

The theory that the Olmecs would be the survivors of the lost continent of Atlantis could explain the impressive technologies and abilities developed by this mysterious ancient civilization.

Palermo Stone: The Evidence of Extraterrestrials in Ancient Egypt

The subject is controversial, but it cannot be denied that there are documents such as the Palermo Stone, which could show that our history is not as we know it.

The Legend of the “Flying Shields” of the Hopi Indians

The Hopi tell stories about "Flying Shields" that flew through the sky and were directed by deities in ancient times.

Fuente Magna: Presence of Sumerios in Bolivia?

Fuente Magna is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious artifacts that exist today, was discovered in Bolivia, but contains engravings that relate it directly to sumerian culture. Could the Sumerios have visited Bolivia in antiquity?

The UFO of Nazca

This strange Flying Saucer-shaped rock was found in Peru's Nazca Desert in 1960, and its surface is filled with carved symbols similar to those in the Nazca Lines.