Since 2017, researchers from leading Peruvian universities have been conducting scientific research and trying to find out the origins of the three-fingered mummies found in Nazca, Peru.

Preliminary results of tests carried out on the larger mummy’s hands and body revealed no evidence to indicate a hoax. She was nicknamed ‘Maria’ by scientists, was female and has been dated by carbon 14 tests to be around 1,700 years old.


Journalist Jaime Maussan, who has been covering this story since the beginning and is in contact with university scientists, had access to new informations about the mummies.

“There are different universities in Peru that are investigating this incredible evidence. They found proof that this case is absolutely real. Unfortunately, I can’t give details because the universities are planning to presente a press conference about the discoveries. I can tell you that metal implants have been found inside the bodies and that it was not possible to build them over a thousand years ago, and the universities will reveal what the purpose of this was. It’s going to be shocking for many, and therein lies proof that these creatures are not from Earth,” said Maussan.

A bar-shaped implant, made up of 85% copper and another 15% unidentified material, was found in the chest of the mummy ‘Maria’, which did not appear to belong to the ancient Paracas people of Peru. The CT scans showed how the bones are evenly and harmoniously covered by the skin, joints and ligaments, making theories that the mummies were assembled by ancient fraudsters hard to believe.

The examinations indicated that the bodies of the smaller mummies, measuring about 60 cm (2 ft.), were functional and had internal structures and organs, which rules out the possibility of fraud.

The implants found in the small bodies could not be any artifact created by the Paracas people, as they are a very advanced technology, consisting of two blades that create internal cells, similar to our current batteries.

“Now we have here the physical evidence that we will prove, the release of the information from the Pentagon, that these UFOs come with these creatures, which are not from this Earth. I am very excited because all the findings are demonstrating that what we found in 2017 is absolutely real,” said Maussan.

The Peruvian government, which previously announced the Nazca mummies as fake, has changed its statement and has now declared them a National Heritage.