This legend about the “Flying Shields” has been narrated generation after generation since time immemorial in America.

The Hopi are a peaceful tribe of Native American Indians descended from older peoples who lived in the southwestern United States and their history is very rich and ancient and dates back at least 3,000 years.


In the remote past, Native Americans observed a strange futuristic technology, a type of circular ship that moved through the skies and was piloted by beings called Kachina.

Sculpture depicting the Kachina, exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum.

The Hopi describe their deities as intraterrestrial, inhabiting the interior of the Earth. They call them “Ant People” and their images are very reminiscent of today’s grays aliens.

This American tribe believes in the existence of a series of “time cycles” in the world, and it is in the Third Cycle or Third World, called Kuskurza, in the native language, that they report the presence of the Patuwvotas, the “Flying Shields”.

This Third World was very advanced and the “Flying Shields” floated through the skies, with the ability to attack cities over long distances and move extremely fast.

Those who guided the “Flying Shields” were the spirits called Kachina, who acted as mediators between the gods and humans.

The flying objects eat an overwhelming sound, as legend has it: “a thunderous sound and a hissing noise like that of the wind passing through a narrow space.”

There is a striking similarity between these artifacts and the flying saucers described by ufology.

The Flood and Destruction of the Third World

The Third World was a period of prosperity and advanced ancient technology, but came to an end with a flood caused by the gods.

The god Sotuknang said at the beginning of the Fourth World:

“Look, I swept even the traces of your Ascension, the steps I leave to you. At the bottom of the seas are all the proud cities, the Patuwvotas (Flying Shields) and worldly treasures corrupted by evil, and those people who have not found time to sing praises to the Creator at the top of their hills. But the day will come, if you keep this memory and the meaning of your Ascension, when these steps will arise again to prove the truth you expose.”

During the flood, the red city of Palatkwapi was destroyed and Tiwahongva and her sister Tawiayisnima were abandoned and, while camping in hiding, trying to protect themselves from the flood, heard a roar. It was Sotuknang, who came down from the sky in his Patuwvota (Flying Shield).

The god wore a costume that glowed like ice and had a shimmering face.

The brothers climbed the Flying Shield along with the god, flying in the heights, and finally Sotuknang left them in the village where their parents settled after the flood.

Rock paintings by the Hopi Tribe.

This Legend of the Hopi surprises by the appearance of deities or even ancient astronauts who used an ancient futuristic technology.

This tribe still believes that the Kachina still roam the Earth in their Flying Shields.