While searching for diamonds in Sierra Leone, West Africa, a group of miners made an unexpected discovery: they came across intriguing sculptures measuring 40 to 70 cm in height.

At first, it was believed to be the representation of ancient warriors, however, reptile-like humanoide figures were found and the disturbing appearance of the statues caused the miners to come into contact with specialized archaeologists to study them.


Despite being hominids in form, facial features clearly showed that these races were not human, or at least not entirely.

The figurines were found at a depth of 50 meters, within a geological layer that corresponds to the period between 12,000 BC and 17,000 BC.

Ancient Astronaut theorists suggested that Nomoli figures could be representations of hybrids between humans and a strange extraterrestrial race of amphibians or reptiles.

It should be noted that the word “Nomoli” resembles “Nommo”, a term used by the Dogon people of Africa to refer to an ancient race of amphibian beings that came from the Sirius Star System.

The civilization that could have created these mysterious figurines is still unknown and so far no other clues have been found about their existence, lifestyle and practices, but some archaeologists believe that the Nomoli figures were made by the people called “Sapes”, the first explorers of the region.

Skystones: The Stones of Heaven


The material used in the making of figurines is diverse, some are made of soapstone, others of granite or ivory, but what caught the attention of researchers is that strange metal and stone spheres were found inside cavities in the sculptures.

Analysis of the spheres revealed a strange mixture of chromium and steel and traces of a substance known as iridium.

Iridium is a very rare material on Earth and scientists have suggested that the spheres were made from the material of a meteorite or other non-terrestrial object.

Another puzzle surrounding the mysterious Nomoli figures are the sky blue stones that have become known as “Skystones”, and are not found anywhere else on the planet.

An ancient local legend says, “The part of the sky in which the Nomoli lived turned to stone, which shattered and fell to Earth like pieces of rock.

The Legend of the Nomoli

The mysterious Nomoli figures.

Another African legend could also give rise to these statues says: “They wandered unhindered, in places where no man has been before. They could not be seen face to face, for their eyes were as bright as the sun. These creatures were forbidden to enter the divine empire and were exiled to Earth.

Local populations ensure that Nomoli statues would be the representation of these exiled deities on Earth.

Some researchers believe that this legend is a kind of adaptation of the myth of the “fallen angels”, which is mentioned in different cultures of the world, including the Bible.