In recent years there have been many discoveries that suggest that artificial structures were built on the Frozen Continent in the remote past, possibly before the last Ice Age.

The immensity of Antarctica is staggering, containing 70% of the world’s fresh water, most of its surface remains largely unexplored, not to mention what may lie beneath miles of ice sheets.


Recently, a seemingly artificial structure resembling a giant face was discovered in Antarctica via Google Earth and posted on Instagram by a user of the social network.

The structure appears to have a mouth, nose, and at least one eye is visible, while the other appears to still be covered in snow.

The strange anomaly can be seen at coordinates 72°00′ 36.00″ S, 168° 34′ 40.00″ E.

Scientists have reported that Antarctica has lost nearly 3 trillion tons of ice since 1992, and it may well be that the melting ice is helping to reveal these enigmatic formations, showing a series of megastructures built by ancient civilizations that inhabited Antarctica.

Ancient Astronaut Theorists relate this discovery to several pyramids found in Antarctica, and believe that such structures may be the proof that extraterrestrial civilizations visited Earth in a remote past, as these constructions would have to be made before the ice covered the continent, which occurred around 2.5 million years ago, long before modern humans walked the planet.

Skeptics and mainstream scientists, on the other hand, have a more mundane explanation, these would be purely natural and random structures, just cracked ice causing a psychological effect called “pareidolia”, the phenomenon of seeing faces, figures or shapes in patterns and places where there is none.