The Pyramid of Djoser is not as well known as the Great Pyramids of Giza, but it holds more frightening mysteries than its bigger brothers, such as these giant sarcophagi, extremely polished and difficult to open.

Some Ancient Astronaut Theorists claim that there are aliens hibernating inside.


The Pyramid of Djoser, also known as the Pyramid of Saqqara or Step Pyramid, was built in the 27th century BC by the vizier and royal architect Imhotep, for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser.

Near this pyramid there is the so-called Serapeum of Saqqara (a serapeum was a religious temple that mixed Egyptian and Greek architecture), which holds frightening secrets, there are 25 of these “boxes” described as sarcophagi that weigh from 70 to 100 tons.

Pyramid of Djoser

The objects look like sarcophagi, but inside them no identifiable remains were found, but the sarcophagi themselves are already a mystery: they have millimeter precision, in addition to being worked in pink granite, an extremely hard mineral.

For now, the mystery of these sarcophagi remains, and because of it, a number of frightening theories have emerged about what might be inside.

The most common of them speaks of the existence of a secret chamber inside the pyramid and the temple where representatives of an alien race would be hibernating.

A mission by the so-called Project Isis, allegedly an effort by the KGB (the secret police of the extinct Soviet Union) to find artifacts with supernatural powers in the pyramids, led by astrophysicist Yuri Vladimir and biologist Boris Timoyev, would have discovered an alien mummy and taken it to a organization’s secret base in Moscow.

There are other theories and details about aliens sleeping or buried in pyramids.

Another point mentioned by the Ancient Astronaut Theorists is an article in the Rose al-Yusuf magazine, from 1988, which talks about a discovery and would have been written by the French Egyptologist Louis Caparat, stating about the existence of a “crystalline” sarcophagus that would be in the Pyramid of Djoser inside a secret chamber. On the outside of the chamber, which, due to the engineering of the pyramid, would be “very difficult to open”, according to theories, a papyrus was found, and in this papyrus would be confirmation of the identity of the occupant of the room.

When removing the objects from the pyramids for study, all the material would have been confiscated by a unit of the Egyptian secret police.

The mystery of the giant, polished sarcophagi remains and no one has yet been able to answer how they were built or what kind of bodies were supposed to be inside.