Before European settlers arrived in the Americas, the continent was populated by a variety of Native American cultures that, unfortunately, were brought to the brink of annihilation, which also meant the disappearance of ancient knowledge that may never be recovered.

The survivors still tell the stories passed by oral tradition since time immemorial about the “People of the Stars”, a term that groups several beings who came from heaven to share a connection with humans who were worthy of their teachings.


The ancient world was in contact with a multitude of advanced extraterrestrials, as evidenced by the rich collection of stories detailing these interactions.

Many cultures, separated by both long distances and thousands of years, narrate about flying objects and technology so advanced that it was regarded as magic. These stories are particularly strong in the myth of native American tribes.

Richard Wagamese of Wabaseemoong First People says:

“My people tell about the people of the stars who came to us many generations ago. The people of the Stars brought spiritual teachings, stories, and maps of the cosmos, and they offered us this knowledge freely. They were kind, loving and were an excellent example to us. When they left us, my people say there was a sororcity like no other.”

Petroglyphs in Sego Canyon, Utah.

The peaceful Hopi people believed that their ancestors came from the Pleiades and the general behavior of the Pleiadians aliens is reflected in the Hopi lifestyle.

The legends of the Dakota people refer to the same group of stars, which they call Tiyami, as being the primordial home of their ancestors.

Similarly, the Cree believed that, in a time before history, their ancestors arrived from the spirit-shaped stars, only to become human on Earth.

The native legends of the Lakota people speak of mysterious celestial beings who manifested themselves as spheres of light and often chose private children to follow them on a journey through space and time.

Native Americans have been mentioning “Flying Shields” for a long period of time and perceive the issue of alien visitation in a more spiritual way, as author Stephane Wuttunee explains in an article on the topic UFO:

“Our peoples pay much greater attention to the pursuit of subjective spiritual understanding of things rather than following an objective truth as do people from dominant cultures. That’s part of the reason we tend to stand up, and see or listen first, rather than find out with questions or take a rigid, direct approach.”

Petroglyph Hopi that shows the “People of the Stars” and their “Flying Shields”.

Growing up in a tight-knit community, Wuttunee listened intently to the stories conveyed by the elders of his tribe: “They have often talked of distant relationships with the ‘People of the Stars’ who live among the stars, especially around the bonfires and during traditional ceremonies.”

“Far from being anything to fear, the People of the Stars was just another term I’ve known since I was very young. I remember hearing with admiration and fascination about our relationships with beings from outside our world and sometimes we speak to them in our quiet moments at night. I wanted to know who they were and what they looked like, if they had families like us”, wuttunee writes.

Black Elk (1863-1950), a respectable elder from Oglala, South Dakota, who traveled with the “Wild West Show of Buffalo Bill” when he was young, described one of his experiences long before the UFO phenomenon became widely known through the media:

“So when I went looking for the vision, that disk came from above. Scientists call it the Unidentified Flying Object, but that’s a joke, see… because they were not trained, they lost touch with wisdom, power, and the present. That disk landed on top of me. He was concave, and there was another one on top. It was silent, but it lit up and lit up, like neon lights. Even the sacred robes were illuminated, like small lamps. And these little people came, but each group spoke a different language. They could read minds and I could read their minds. I could read them. Then there was a silent communication. You could read them, like when you read silent symbols in a book. So we were able to communicate. They’re human, so I took them in. I said, Welcome, welcome!” .

People of the Stars, also called the Ant People.

Without exception, all Native American tribes foster a connection with Mother Earth. They see themselves as the “original caregivers” of our planet and lament the path to the destruction we are currently in.

Many tribal figures see this as the main reason behind the weakening of the bond between humanity and the people of the stars.