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The Hidden Power of the Pyramids

Some believe that in addition to the architectural significance and power of pyramidal structures, there are energy forces that may be responsible for seemingly unexplained phenomena and effects in the natural world.

Could the Human DNA Contains Hidden Extraterrestrial Messages?

Mathematical Patterns and Symbols appear in the Human Genome, especially the Number 37. Could this be the evidence that Extraterrestrial Civilizations encoded hidden messages in human DNA?

The Nuremberg UFO’s Battle of 1561

This is the report of an incredible aerial combat waged in the skies of Germany in 1561.

RH Negative Factor: Proof of Alien Origin?

It is believed that people with RH Negative blood have a genetic factor that maybe is not of this world and they could be the descendants of a hybridization between humans and extraterrestrials.

Were the Mayans Visited by Ancient Astronauts?

Were the Maya Gods who brought their advanced knowledge to ancient civilizations really Gods or were they Ancient Aliens?

Ancient Chinese Manuscript Reports Encounter with Aliens

Available to the public since 2011, this manuscript describes an encounter with aliens that took place almost 500 years ago in China.

Dogu: Japan’s Mysterious Prehistoric Astronauts

The Dogu Figurines look humanoide, but they are certainly anything but human.

The Lost Cities of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions in the United States, but few know that its history is full of incredible accounts of Giants, Underground Cities and Egyptian and Hindu Temples.

Antarctica: Pyramids and Alien Bases

Antarctica is one of the most inhospitable and mysterious continents on the planet, but many researchers suggest that the Frozen Continent is much more than just snow and ice.

Enki and Enlil: The Forbidden History of Humanity’s Origin

Ancient Sumerian texts refer to the Anunnakis as "those who descended from the sky" a powerful race of extraterrestrial beings who projected humanity hundreds of thousands of years ago.